EmmaBead Blog

  • Summer Fun

    6/28/14 Well so far this year my website was down for a week, but it is now fixed  yeh. With the heat I am not sure how many beads I will be making but  I am hopeful to have some need items up for sale soon. I am really in to my summer bracelets so please stay tuned.

    2.24.14 I do not know about you but I am ready for spring. I have a batch of beads in the kiln and I can not wait to see what comes out so stay tuned.   I have finally added some hearts. On the Necklace page you will find finished pieces ready to wear and on the bead/seasonal page you will find some you can use in your own wonderful creations. Do not wait until the last minute to get a terrific gift for your special someone, or yourself. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Duplicate)

  • Happy New Year

    Well the new year is upon us and my new bead making goals are to make beads that inspire me, and of course I hope you enjoy then also.  I have made some very cool hearts that I should be posting soon.